Current Tenants
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Below is a list of the tenants and contact information at the Historic National Register facility; we encourage you to use their services to support this historic structure:

Tenant Name Contact Phone # Suite # Website E-Mail
a new restaurant coming soon not yet revealed 850.432.8900 111
Years Ago-go Kirsten Bonnin 850.450.7892 121 agogopensacola@
Beautique, The Salon @ East Hill Danielle Morris 850.530.5073 122 thesalonbeautigue@
Still Cut-N-Up Angela Peeterse 850.393.3269 125 abrighteyes1@
Peace in Mind Counseling & Therapy Marcia Holland 850.261.8489 127
Stay, a clinical spa Jennifer Walden 850.438.3580 128
O'Zone Pizza Pub Susan Greenwell 850.433.7074 130
Gracie Elite Jiu-Jitsu Rafael Fernandez Coelho 850.748.6335 133
Montessori School of Pensacola Mary Gaudet 850.469.8138 138 admissions@
Gulf Coast Building Contractors, Inc. Stephen Ritz 850.438.5416 201 office@
Tower East Group, Inc. Stephen Ritz 850.432.8900 201 office@
Phantom Paranormal Research & Investigation Maria & David Chavez 850.375.6030 202
ACC Associates, Inc. Stephen Ritz 850.434.5911 205 office@
Southern Insurance Services, LLC Christopher Lewis 850.432.0451 221
Benjamin Bell, CPA Ben Bell 850.429.1581 224 ben@
Executive Transformations, Inc. Erin Tamberella, Executive Coach 888.394.4093 225 info@
Pens. Private School of Liberal Arts Beth Williams 850.434.2294 228 info@
Disc Village, Inc. Mary Zaledonis, Director 850.434.3200 232 mzaledonis@
Sonshine Companion Care Staci Myron 850.764.6638 233
Kodiak Diamonds, LLC Garrett Cox 850.384.0033 234
East Hill Counseling Services, LLC Kristi Ging, LCSW 850.465.3908 235 kristi.ging@
Bennett Shuman, Architect AIA Bennett Shuman 850.433.8235 238 bennett@
William Fisher, IV William Fisher, Attorney 850.433.1717 301 wfisherivlaw@
Noonan Investments William J. Noonan, III 302
Beth Shepherd, LCSW Beth Shepherd 850.483.0334 304
Stacey CS Taylor, LCSW Stacey Taylor 850.483.1331 304
Jeffery Bentley, C.P.A. Jeffery Bentley 305
James D. Smith, P.A. James Smith 850.332.0921 307 jd@
Amy's Avenue Amy Oreskovich 850.291.6099 322 amysavenue@
Beck’s Fish Camp W. Ted Brown, FL Lic. Realtor 850.982.1907 325 ted@

1010 N 12th Ave #201
Pensacola, FL 32501

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