The History of Tower East

In Pensacola, FL, modern businesses have a unique opportunity to rent office space inside of a true historical landmark. That landmark is the former Sacred Heart Hospital, which opened in 1915 and was the first Catholic hospital in the state of Florida. Now, it is home to the Tower East office complex, which houses a range of diverse businesses, including studios, salons, restaurants, and more.

Deep Roots

To understand the history of Tower East, one must understand the history of the Sacred Heart Hospital. Though, as mentioned, it opened its doors in 1915, its inception dates back to 1908. It was then that Isla Smith, a Pensacola native, wrote a letter to Mother Margaret O’Keefe, who served as Visitatrix of the Sisters of Charity at Emmitsburg, where Smith had attended school. In the letter, Smith requested that they establish a charitable hospital, and thus, the plans for Sacred Heart Hospital were born.

Remarkable Architecture

Once the vision of a charity hospital became a real possibility, famed architect A.O. Von Herbulis was hired to design the building. Von Herbulis, an Austrian immigrant, infused English Gothic architectural elements into the structure. These included the now-iconic Tudor arches, roof parapet, and intricate stonework. Today, the building’s distinctive outer appearance remains mostly unchanged, making it a popular tourist destination and earning it a spot on the United States National Register of Historic Places.

Modern Touches

Thankfully, the history and beauty of the Sacred Heart Hospital building has been carefully preserved. However, modern conveniences have been added. Thus, today’s  professionals can rent and enjoy a Tower East office space. Each office space is customized to meet the unique needs of the tenant and features gorgeous aesthetic elements. Furthermore, a convenient, high-traffic location makes these rentals both easily accessible and highly desirable.

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