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We are America’s Hottest Online Variety and Music Station, broadcasting out of beautiful Pensacola, Florida across North America and the world 24 hours a day! We feature an exciting mix of 23 (mostly) live talk shows on a variety of topics and music shows focusing on everything from disco to heavy metal (and everything in between!) from 17 radio personalities in six different countries, in Spanish and English, and sometimes even Dutch! Learn more about our original, independent, live programming by visiting our website! Thank you for supporting independent radio and independent music! We are commercial free, listener-supported radio with a large local following and listeners around the world! Get on board with us! Music is life!

We also have a charity: Radio Is Not Dead Inc.
RIND is a 501 (c)(3) public charity organized for the purpose of carrying out educational activities related to broadcasting and the arts. We hold an annual 4-day international celebration of live radio, hosted by Sandcastle Radio and partners. Learn more at

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